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Hydraulic Powered Rubbish Tipper Units For Waste Transfer Station

The hydraulic powered rubbish tipper units can be custom built to suit specific customer requirements.
This document looks at a typical installation and discusses all relevant features in order to better understand how the unit works.
This particular installation has five units with the powerpacks and a standby generator located in a shipping container.

A typical scope of work for this installation is as follows:

  1. Design of tipper units complete with side safety fencing , hydraulics and control station.
  2. Install 5 Off Tipper units on site to suit.
  3. The tipper unit will be painted – Colour to be determined
  4. The nominal load rating of the unit will be 2.5 tonne.
  5. The floor of the tipper has an area or 2000mm x 5000 mm
  6. The tipper will tip over through an angle of up to 120° to ensure tipping of the “stickiest” rubbish.
  7. The front barrier will consist of an interlocked light beam barrier.
  8. The tipper will be interlocked with the front light barrier so that it will only be able to be operated when the light beam is intact.
  9. The design will be generally in accordance with the preliminary layout shown in attached images.
  10. Two safety bollards will be installed at the front to protect the equipment.
  11. These bollards will be equipped with a rotating safety beacon to indicate the tipper is being activated.
  12. A diesel powered genset “Kohler KD33”will be provided to enable operation of a tipper unit one at a time during power outages.
  13. It is expected that the cycle time to raise the tipper will be approx. 25 seconds.
  14. For safety the operation of the unit will be by push button panel where the operator will be required to hold button in to operate machine.
  15. The customer is responsible for power supply to the main powerpack location.
  16. A manual will be provided covering operation and maintenance of the unit.
  17. The unit will be fitted with an hourmeter
  18. A maintenance agreement can be provided if required.

OHS Compliance and Maintenance:

The units will be designed and installed satisfying all OH&S requirements for this type of plant.and include the following:

  1. The structural strength of all components will be adequate to withstand all likely loads imposed on the unit.
  2. The sides of the machine are protected using fixed fence.
  3. The unit is interlocked with a light curtain barrier at the front of the machine.
  4. The machine can only be operated using a special key that is only issued to personnel that have been trained in the correct use of the machine.
  5. The operator is required to hold button in to operate the machine
  6. The machine is capable of being stopped in any position safely.

Rotating flashing beacons and a siren will operate when the machine is being operated.

In order to ensure that the units remain OH&S compliant it is necessary to ensure that all operators are trained to use the equipment and that the machine is correctly inspected and maintained.

Rossco engineering can offer the following services as part of an induction / Inspection and Maintenance Plan to ensure the units continue to be OH&S compliant.
This service would involve the following:

  1. Train each operator of the equipment in the correct use of the equipment once the units have been commissioned.
  2. Every 3 months visit the site and conduct a detailed inspection of the equipment.
  3. Supply a written report showing compliance with the inspection and maintenance manual.
  4. Train any new operators as required.
  5. Any planned maintenance involving such items as replace oil filter, replace oil etc will be performed at this time.
  6. Any damage to the unit affecting its safe use will be detailed in the written report and will be the subject of a separate quote.
  7. If required at any time between the 3 monthly visits it is understood that Rossco Engineering will be available to repair any unit as required.
  8. Any unplanned maintenance or special callouts will be charged based on an hourly rate plus materials.  Approval will be required prior to commencement of any work

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